Illinois Sexting Laws for Teens and Minors

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In Illinois, sexting images of or to a minor carries a wide range of possible penalties, from intervention by the juvenile court to a Class X felony in criminal court. Sexting has become especially common among teenagers—many of whom are minors—and can easily be used to bully or harass. States have taken various approaches to address teen sexting. Some punish sexting under preexisting laws against child enticement and child pornography, which often result in harsh, felony penalties. Other states have enacted laws addressing sexting between teens with reduced penalties that allow teenagers to avoid a felony conviction and sex offender registration. Additionally, some states are addressing cyberbullying and harassment in sexting laws by imposing tougher penalties if the sender sends an image intending to harass, threaten, or intimidate another. Illinois Sexting Laws Illinois has addressed teen sexting by punishing certain acts under the juvenile supervision laws, which avoids a delinquency record and sex offender registration. But the wording of the law is very narrow, and prosecutors can still prosecute sexting by minors under harsher laws.

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