The Hardy Boys

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Original series[ edit ] At the beginning of the original Hardy Boys series, Frank is only 16 years old as opposed to 18 after the revisions between and and both he and Joe want to follow in their famous father, Fenton Hardy's footsteps as detectives. When the father of one of their school friends is wrongly accused of stealing, the Hardy boys take it upon themselves to clear his name and solve the mystery. After Frank and Joe solve their first case, Fenton—although he had not wanted his sons to get into the detective business because of the dangers involved—starts asking for their help on some of his cases. Fenton and his boys working together play a bigger part in this series than in any of the following Hardy Boys series. In this series, Frank is in the same grade as Joe who is a year youngerbecause he lost a year due to sickness, but in all the other series he is a grade ahead of Joe and him losing a year is never mentioned.

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